Teamyo IPL Hair Removal Device for Women and Men

Safe for home use laser unwanted hair removal device

The TEAMYO IPL Hair Removal Device remove your unwanted hair safely, painlessly and effectively at home. IPL Facial Hair Removal uses professional IPL technology (Intense Pulsed Light), which acts directly on the hair root (non-interfering light source) and effectively prevents skin injury. It works by heating the hair follicle, concentrating the light energy at the root, absorbing melanin and inhibiting hair growth. Safe and perfect for home use. Get rid of unwanted hair anywhere – safely and at home. Suitable for men and women.

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DIY Home Hair Removal

The TEAMYO Painless 500,000 Flashes Permanent Ice-Sensing Laser Hair Removal, Professional Hair Removal System for Face Armpits Arm Chest Bikini Line and Legs

An amazing product. Use at home for convenience and safety. No need to leave the house for treatment.

This is a lovingly presented home body hair removal kit and at time of buying had a promotional discount making it even better value, although even at full price there is money to be saved for hair removal when you consider cosmetic outlets with the convenience of home use; essential when covid-19 has locked down outlets!

The kit includes everything you need to get started, even as far as providing a razor to shave hair to to allow the laser to best reach the follicle.

The laser gun fires rapid pulses of light that eventually wear down the hair follicles thus producing finer hair to eventually minimal or no regrowth. You can press the button one click at a time, or set the multifire setting when it keeps going until you want to change areas. There is also a chill setting if you find the heat becoming too much, or just want to chill the warmed area quickly.

Ice Compress System

TEAMYO IPL Hair Removal System built-in ice compress plate maintain the skin surface temperature between 3 to 5 ℃, can cool your skin and relieve redness & swell. Unique ice compress and flash window are built together. Simply turn on the ice compress mode, you can enjoy doing hair removal and cooling care at the same time. Your friends will definitely envy your smooth and hair-free skin.

Permanent and Painless Hair Removal

The Ice-Sensing Laser Hair Removal comes with 2 lamp heads.Medium Light Window: Suitable for hair removal on face, bikini, etc.Small Light Window: Suitable for hair removal on small parts such as fingers. Excellent quality flash lamp comes with 500,000 flashes, more than 25 years using time makes it durable enough. 3cm big flash window can help you remove hair quickly and save your time effectively.

5 Energy Levels and 2 Flash Modes

The TEAMYO Professional IPL Hair Removal Device has 5 different pulse energy levels for users to choose from and users can set a suitable energy level according to the skin tone and hair colour.With 2 switchable flash modes for your different needs. Using the emission button to emit a single flash at a time or emit the flashes constantly. You can set the single flash mode for small area hair removal and the other mode for large area hair removal.


The TEAMYO hair removal device is ideal for females and males full body hair removal, including face, arms, underarms, back, chest, bikini line and legs. It‘s lightweight and ergonomic, with streamline design for easy to hold. This laser hair remover only flash when the device is applied firmly on the skin at an angle of 90°. Effective results without burning or injuring your skin. Please use it with caution under the case that may cause an allergic reaction on sensitive skin.


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