Manuka Oil 100% Pure

East Cape Natural Anti-Fungal & Antiseptic

10x Stronger Than Tea Tree Oil
Ingredients: 100% Manuka Oil
Scent Woody
Item Form Essential Oil
Brand New Zealand Country Manuka
Item Weight 1 Ounces


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New Zealand Manuka oil has an outstanding 30-33% Triketone rate, not found in Tea Tree Oil, or in fact in another region in the world except from the East Cape of New Zealand where this oil is harvested and distlled. Triketones in this oil are the main active ingredient that give it’s unique anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

  • Manuka essential oil has been called “ Natures Miracle in a Bottle “ due to its unique medicinal properties. Unlike Tea Tree Oil, Manuka Oil is usually non-irritant on sensitive skin and is very much stronger in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, particularly from the East Cape of New Zealand where this oil is sourced. It is a 100% natural botanical product, used by the native people of New Zealand for centuries.
  • Anti-Bacterial: A natural antiseptic, this healing oil serum is used for acne, on cuts, grazes and wounds for faster healing. Anti-Fungal: A wide variety of persistent skin conditions are fungal infections. Ringworm, Athletes Foot, Tinea, Ingrown Nails & Nail Fungus, Jock Itch, rashes -even persistent diaper rash can be helped with this product.
  • Inflammatory & Aromatherapy Applications: Use for large skin areas of insect bites, Poison Ivy, etc. Some Psoriasis suffers have also reported reduced symptoms with its use. It is also used with massage oil by aromatherapists and masseurs on tired, aching joints and arthritic hands. Our customers report it is particulalry effective on antibiotic resistant infections such as MRSA and other ” Superbugs “.
  • 25+ Household uses; Insect Bite, Poison Ivy remedy; add to shampoo to help itchy dry scalp or body wash for irritated skin. Add to skin cream to help kill infectious bacteria; also add to dog wash for tick lice and mite control, & itchy skin conditions.
Safety Information:

Topical application only, do not ingest.


skin infections, natural topical antiseptic


100% Manuka Oil


Apply small amount with dropper to affected area, let soak in for 15 minutes.

Legal Disclaimer

For External Topical Use on Skin Only. Do not ingest.

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