Regain for Women

Regaine Once A Day Hair Loss & Regrowth Scalp Foam Treatment

With Minoxidil, 73 ml, 4 Month Supply

  • 8/10 Women Regrew Hair – Regaine for Women foam is a hereditary hair loss treatment for women and is clinically proven to regrow hair in 8 out of 10 women who apply it once daily
  • Scientifically Proven To Help Stop And Even Reverse Hereditary Hair Loss – Regaine for Women foam is clinically proven to help hair restoration and regrowth. Regaine for Women foam works directly at the roots, strengthening and revitalising the hair follicle to grow noticeably thicker and fuller hair

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Regaine Hair Loss & Regrowth Scalp Foam Treatment

With Minoxidil, 73 ml – 4 Month Supply

  • Clinically Visible Results May Be Seen In 12 Weeks – Regaine’s formula helps to provide an increased hair density for women by stimulating vital roots which grow hair and revitalise follicles, to create new hair in as little as 12 weeks
  • Contains Minoxidil – Regaine’s hair regrowth foam for women contains minoxidil 5 Percent, the only over-the-counter active ingredient clinically proven to help stop and even reverse women’s hereditary hair loss.

Warnings: do not use more than once a day (your hair will not re-grow any more quickly and may risk side-effects). Wash hands after use. Do not use if you: are male. Are pregnant or breast-feeding. Suffer from a problem with blood pressure. Don’t know why you’re losing your hair – see your doctor. Have sudden or patchy hair loss. Have other conditions associated with your hair loss. Have a red, inflamed, irritated, infected or painful scalp, or shaved head. Have a dressing or bandage on your scalp. Are using other medications on your scalp. Are under 18 or over 65 years of age. Are sensitive to any of the ingredients in this medicine. Seek advice from your doctor if you have heart disease (including abnormal heart rhythms or rates, angina or chest pains and/or circulation disorders) before using this product. Avoid contact with the eyes. Caution extremely flammable: pressurised container: may burst if heated. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures above 50°c/122°f. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignitions sources. No smoking. Do not spray on an open flame or other ignition source. Do not pierce or burn, even after use. Keep out of the sight and reach of children. Only use this product on your skin. Danger extremely flammable aerosol


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