Zipvit Cranberry Extract 10,000mg

Approved by the Vegetarian Society - Vegan

Zipvit Cranberry Extract 10,000mg with Vitamin C

This super strength cranberry extract is formulated using a 36:1 extraction process which is equivalent to 10,000mg cranberry per capsule.

  • A Popular Daily Supplement
  • Supports immune health and general wellbeing
  • 10,000mg High Strength
  • Easy To Swallow Tablet
  • Convenient One-A-Day Formula
  • Suitable For Vegetarians And Vegans
  • Approved By The Vegetarian Society

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Zipvit Cranberry Extract 10,000mg with Vitamin C

Cranberry Extract 10000mg with added Vitamin C.

This high strength cranberry extract is ideal for anyone looking to support their immune health and general wellbeing.

Many people are put off by the sharp taste of cranberry juice, which is often masked by adding unwanted and unhealthy sugars. Cranberries are a rich source of anthocyanidins, which are special plant compounds found in dark skinned fruits as well as other flavonoids.

This formula contains no added sugar and this Zipvit Cranberry Extract provides 200mg of 36:1 Cranberry Extract which is equivalent to 10000mg.

Take one tablet per day with water.

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