Zipvit Joint Genie Glucosamine

Zipvit Joint Genie Liquid Glucosamine

Be kind to your joints. Joint Genie is a highly convenient way of taking 1500mg of Glucosamine in a single 10ml serving, being a liquid, Joint Genie is absorbed by the body MUCH faster than glucosamine tablets or capsules.

  • Contains Real Orange Juice
  • 1500mg Glucosamine Per Serving
  • Absorbed Much Faster Than Tablets Or Capsules
  • 36 Days Supply

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Zipvit Joint Genie Liquid Glucosamine

Joint Genie is a convenient way of taking Glucosamine without the fuss or distress of taking large, hard-to-swallow tablets or capsules.

One concentrated 10ml serving provides 1500mg Glucosamine (RDA) Each 360ml bottle provides a 36 day supply. Contains real orange juice.


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